Sweet Eva






5' 1"


104 lbs

Hair Color:


Eye Color:




My name is Eva and I live in the Ukraine. I have been a fashion model for a few years, I decided to do something different and crazy and try nude modeling!

I have always been very comfortable with my body and with walking around naked. There are a lot of nude beaches in the Ukraine, especially on the Black Sea where Iive, and I have always taken off my clothes when I go there, so why not do the same for my favorite photographers?

I hope you join my site and that you like what you see inside, where I post pictures and videos of myself. They are not as artistic as my fashion pictures because my photographer says that's not what people want to see. But I still like to be a little artistic sometimes and I hope you enjoy the art stuff as well as my body. But if you just want my body, that's okay too!

You will only find my pics & videos on a couple of places on the internet, and since I'm not going to do anything beyond my intial shoot's, if you don't get me here, you may never see me again :-)